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Oral surgery is the branch of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis and surgical treatment of abnormalities or diseases of the teeth, jaws, and their surrounding tissues.

Our practice is limited to oral surgery, and so we do not perform the range of dental procedures such as fillings, crowns and dentures that your own dentist provides.

Dental extractions, apicectomies, biopsies and surgery to prepare for orthodontics (braces) are examples of procedures carried out by oral surgeons.

Treatment is carried out with local anaesthetic (an injection in the gum to numb the area) with or without intravenous conscious sedation (an injection in the arm or hand to reduce anxiety). In some cases a general anaesthetic in a hospital is required.

How to get referred

Only your dentist can refer you to our service.

Dental extractions are normally required for very badly decayed or injured teeth that cannot be restored by other means. They can also be carried out as part of orthodontic treatment, where teeth are removed to make space for other teeth to grow or move into.

Sometimes the teeth may be difficult to extract because of their positions, shape and/or angulations, or may be very badly decayed, or not fully erupted. In these cases your dentist may assess teeth requiring removal and suggest referral to us on the basis that they will require a surgical approach. This means that a flap of gum is lifted and bone is usually removed to make the tooth easier to see and extract.

You may also be referred to us if you are to have simple tooth extraction(s) carried out, but are quite anxious and would benefit from intravenous conscious sedation.

More details of some of these procedures can be accessed from the drop-down menu.

Treatments we provide include:

The surgical removal of teeth

There can be several reasons for having to remove a tooth surgically.

Intravenous sedation

ntravenous sedation is used to help you relax during minor surgical procedures.

Removal of wisdom teeth

Information for patients who may need to have an operation to remove their impacted wisdom teeth.

Uncovering canine teeth

Information to help your understanding of the condition where a canine tooth fails to erupt normally, and what treatments are available to help remedy it.